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Learn about R-22, why it is being phased out, and how it affects you.


We want to make you aware of a change that will affect your air conditioning system with respect to a key component: refrigerant gas.


One of the most widely used residential air conditioning refrigerants is refrigerant-22, commonly referred to as R-22, and it may be in your system. This refrigerant is being phased out of production by US law under the Environmental Protection Agency. As a result, it is becoming more and more expensive and in the future will be hard to obtain.


We’ve presented information here to help address your concerns. Please contact us to learn more about your system and your options or to schedule an appointment with us.


Why is R-22 being phased out?

R-22 has been classified as a Class II refrigerant under the US Clean Air Act of 1994, as it is Ozone Depleting. A phase out schedule has been in place since 1994 and accelerated several times under worldwide treaties and most recently by the US EPA for total phase out, effective 12/31/2019. Major refrigerant manufacturers have developed new refrigerants to replace R-22.


Are there going to be shortages of R-22?

There will be shortages. However, refrigerants such as R-22 are currently being recycled by certified refrigerant reclaimers within the US and R-22 will be available after the phase out date, but at a significant price increase and with limited availability.


When will R-22 be phased out and when will it be gone?

New manufacturing of R-22 is already reduced and will cease by 2020. After that, only recycled R-22 will be available.


Is recycled R-22 as good as new R-22?

R-22 that has been recycled by an EPA-certified refrigerant reclaimer meets AHRI specifications and is equal to newly manufactured R-22 refrigerant.


Why is my maintenance and repair more expensive than last time?

Prices for R-22 have risen steeply. You may not need R-22 refrigerant when your system is serviced, but if you do, you will see a sharp increase—and prices are likely to continue to rise as product becomes harder to obtain within the industry.


What are my other air conditioning system options?

If you currently have system that uses R-22, you could replace your system with a system using ozone friendly refrigerants such as R-410A. Some systems using R-22 refrigerant may be retrofitted to use alternative refrigerants. However, a licensed contractor will have to advise you on that decision.


How much R-22 is in my system?

If you are an existing customer, you may call us at (850) 785-9708 to find out. By reviewing your service records, we should be able to tell you that information over the phone. If you are a new customer, you may call us to schedule an appointment to determine the amount of R-22 in your air conditioning system. 


What should I do about my system?

If you have a newer system, maintaining it is likely your best investment. Call us to schedule an appointment and review your system and your options. We can ensure that your system is operating at peak performance.






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