The Importance of Having Your A/C & Heating System Cleaned







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The Importance of Having Your A/C & Heating System Cleaned

June 28, 2016


In the vast majority of residential HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) Comfort Systems, the air handler is designed for year-round operation in either the air conditioning or heating mode. Over time, this internal half of the system processes all of the air in your home through the evaporator coil, which can accumulate dust, debris, organic build-up, and more. Unless inspected, cleaned, and Tuned-Up on a periodic basis, problems with the air handler and/or the system such as water leaks, freezing, restricted airflow, excessive moisture, and premature rusting can occur. If not properly maintained, the additional and unnecessary strain on the equipment can result in higher energy operating costs.


Although most homeowners regularly change or clean the filter(s), this procedure does not ensure cleanliness beyond that point. Very fine particles (dirt, dust, pet dander, hair, etc.) can get through most air filters and accumulate on the surface and internal cavities of the evaporator coil, blower wheel, blower housing, heat exchanger, and strip heater (if applicable). The vast majority of filtration products are not capable of filtering all the minute particles in the indoor air.


Since water also collects in the evaporator section, any excessive moisture not drained externally of the structure may actually promote dirt and dust build-up. Unless all these parts are cleaned periodically, the build-up continues to develop until problems with the system’s operation are noticed. Outside the home envelope, the outdoor or condenser coil can be affected by grass clippings, leaves, dirt, sand, or insects, which can cause temperature problems.


Roussos Air Conditioning, equipment manufacturers, and utility providers encourage preventive maintenance on all central air conditioning and heating equipment. Having this done provides the following benefits:


Your system will run more efficiently.

Lower energy costs.

Better indoor air quality.

Extended the life of your system. 


Note: If your system is covered by a parts warranty, annual preventative maintenance is required for warranty compliance.


Your comfort and safety are our main concern! Should you have any questions, please contact our office during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8-5). We welcome the opportunity to become your service provider of choice to handle all of your HVAC comfort needs.


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We were very pleased with the time and thorough work that was done during our inspection and maintenance service. When a problem was discovered during the Tune-Up, additional help was brought in to repair and complete the task in time scheduled. I would recommend to others.


~ Frank & Lynn L, Panama City Beach




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