Are you ready for Hurricane Season?







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Are you ready for Hurricane Season?

July 6, 2017


Do you know how to protect your AC System from a Hurricane?


Living in Northwest Florida the threat of a Hurricane or  Tropical Storm are real. No one can control the weather but you can be prepared for when disaster strikes.  Whether your home or business keeping your AC system running is essential. Follow these steps below to safeguard your AC systems for a storm: 



Preparing for a Storm:


1. Turn off your AC System


2. Protect your outdoor unit by covering it using a tarp or plywood 


3. If Hurricane force high winds are a threat secure outdoor unit using Hurricane straps


4. If you have a window or portable AC unit remove it and seal the opening 




After the Storm:


1. Remove tarp or plywood


2.Visually inspect unit for damage before turning them on


3. If repair is required call Roussos for fast and trusted service



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I had an issue with my thermostat on a Sunday and was able to have a Service tech come and repair for me. He was excellent as he explained what he was doing and completed the work. This is the second time I have used Roussos and they have been professional and courteous each time.


~ Dallas D, Panama City Beach




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