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Story of Roussos

How it all began 


I met George Roussos in 1982, over 34 years ago. We became friends although he was older than me by 25 years. He had many, many years’ experience in the Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration business from literally all over the world. He settled here working for a local air conditioning company, but it did not work out. He was going to head back to Greece (his home country) when I talked him into staying and going into business together.


In 1983, we formed Roussos Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. It was a one-man show to begin with. George worked hard, but the company slowly grew. In 1996, George decided it was time to retire and go back to Greece. Robert Wilson and Pat Boykin were two of our loyal employees, whom George and I always called them "the boys". Robert and Pat bought his portion of the business and began running the company.


I cared deeply for George, but, unfortunately, he passed away. He was the most honest, ornery, lovable, loyal, determined person I have ever met in my life, but that is who Robert and Pat learned from... and me too. And those are the principles that our company is based on.


Robert and Pat have taken the company to a new level. It is wonderful to watch especially since the company continues to reflect the values and principles that George put in place early on. I am proud to be an owner of Roussos Air Conditioning along with my wonderful partners. Be sure to always remember my friend, George. I miss him and I am certain he would be very proud of his company.



Allan Bense

Co-Founder & Partner




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Roussos Air Conditioning

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Pat & Jill Boykin have built an organization that truly thrives on focusing on the needs of their customers! Professional and courteous staff providing quality service while embracing the importance of giving back to the local needs in our Community!


~ Ron S, Panama City, FL




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Roussos Air Conditioning

914 W 26th Street

Lynn Haven, FL 32444

Contact Info

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7 am-7 pm / MON-SAT service hours

After Hours Service Also Available

License: FL #CAC1814320

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